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I have taken five classes with Dr Jimmie Flores and have benefited greatly for his professional yet personal delivery and teaching style. Jimmie made himself available before, during and after classroom instructions to ensure that I fully grasped the concepts being taught. I have had many conversations with Jimmie outside of normal business hours, which just goes to show how dedicated he is to teaching. The subject matter, textbooks and handouts perfectly complimented the classroom instruction. After taking his PMP Examination Preparation class, I was able to pass the exam on my first attempt! I could not have done this without Dr Jimmie Flores.


Jeff Moser

I took both Project Management Essentials and Project Management Certification Exam Prep from Dr. Flores.  These courses are a must for anyone seriously considering taking and passing the Project Management Certification Exam or stepping up their Project Management skills.   The courses were fast paced and targeted to the exams knowledge content with just enough real life examples to make it relevant.  Even those not interested in PMP®Certification would benefit from the overview of the tools and techniques used by Project Managers meet strategic objectives through a Project Management framework.


Jim Thomas

Jimmie’s class is a great way to prepare for the PMP exam! His course gives you an applicable understanding of all the PMP topics and stresses what is important to study for the test. He will motivate you to get it done! He really cares about his students’ success and goes the extra mile by providing time and detailed advice about completing your application, scheduling your exam, and taking the exam itself at the test center. His course slides, web tools, and practice test are all great tools to use to prepare for the exam!

Gracie Saunders
Marketing Programs Specialist

I took two corporate courses with Dr. Flores: Project Management Essentials and Project Management Intermediate. These two classes helped me a lot, and were instrumental in my passing the CAPM on the first try. Dr. Flores taught me not only how to pass the exam, but also how to understand the key project management concepts. His real-life experiences and examples made the difference. I am very grateful! Thanks, Dr. Flores! I am sure this certification will help me start a new path on my career.

Janaina Oliveira de Sa

I attended the Beginner and Intermediate Project Management classes through Kool Derby Academy taught by Dr. Jimmie Flores. I was pleased with the training I received. The classes were well structured and interesting, and they stoked my interest in Project Management as a future career path. They helped provide the foundation I needed to study for and pass the CAPM exam within a month of the last class. The workbooks, practice quizzes and other study materials shared in the class were essential tools in helping me learn the necessary information and will remain in my library for future reference. I’m very thankful that I took the class and for all the guidance provided.
I hope this helps! Thank you again!
Best wishes.
Christine Nutting, CAPM
Customer Service Technician II

I took two courses with Dr. Flores through the Kool Derby Academy in preparation of the PMP exam.  I believe that both courses were key to my success in passing the PMP exam on my first try.  Dr. Flores knows the material at a masterly-level.  This was evident in the way he presented the class material, led discussions, and provided real-life experiences.  He creates a classroom environment in which any level of question can comfortably be asked without fear.  The numerous online resources made available to students at Kool Derby are extremely beneficial and I know played a role in me passing the exam.  Dr. Flores and the Kool Derby academy provided me with a solid foundation of project management and the confidence to do well on the exam.  I look forward to taking additional courses from Kool Derby Academy in the future because I know I will receive a solid knowledge base and do so in a fun learning environment.

Angela Dávila, PMP
Senior Management Coordinator
City of San Antonio

Jimmie’s class was fundamental in my understanding of the key concepts the PMP exam would cover and, ultimately, my success. Not only did he prepare me for the exam, he gave real world examples that put lectures into practice instead of just being definitions. He makes sure to break down concepts so everyone in class understands and encourages questions. He helped with any questions I had about applying to take the test all the way through scheduling it, Jimmie truly cares about your success!! He is full of encouraging words and will push you to reach your full potential. With all the training and quizzes offered through the Kool Derby Academy, as long as you study and pay attention in Jimmie’s class – you’ll be sure to succeed!

Holly Mahoney, PMP, ITILv3, Implementation Coordinator at Rackspace

As a Project Lead with Rackspace University, Learning & Development team at Rackspace Hosting, I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Jimmie Flores for the last two years. Dr. Flores has been a tremendous instructor and a huge asset to Rackspace University. I highly recommend Dr. Flores’ Project Management workforce training.
Dr. Flores is dedicated to the development of his students and thus far Rackspace University has received exemplary feedback from participants. In class, Dr. Flores has proven to be extremely close to the PMP material is able to continuously updates his delivery to meet Rackspace’s culture and business needs.
The success of Rackspace University’s Project Management and ITIL® programs are due to Dr. Flores’s intense knowledge of both subject areas and instruction abilities!

Deborah Carter Project Lead, Rackspace University

Dr. Flores is one of the better instructors I've known. He's intimately familiar with the material and excels at communicating it. The Kool Derby courses serve to demystify project management and instill a thorough understanding of the PMBOK in even less experienced students, like myself.

David Hayden, DevOps Engineer I | Linux Support at Rackspace

Coming from a development and Scrum background, the PMI-ACP training I received from JMBOK Academy was crucial for learning the business and finance areas of Agile Project management.

Brian Doyle, Co-Founder, Chief Activator at Barely Sustainable Technologies, Inc.

Dr. Flores’ classes make the material covered in the PMBOK lively and accessible. His illustration of the theories and concepts with real world context and examples was critical to my success on passing the CAPM and PMP on my first try.

Addison Martinez, Ecommerce Manager at Rackspace

Dr Flores' class was essential for me passing the PMI-ACP exam. I also had previously taken his scrum master training and between the two of these classes, I was setup for success. With only ~24 hours of study time after the class, I was ready for the exam. Had it not been for Dr. Flores' training I would have most likely had to spend two to three times more hours in study. Dr. Flores gives great study material and his teaching methods are easy and fun to follow. It is always a pleasure to be in Dr. Flores' training and I look forward to attending the next one. I am sure that after his PMP training course, I will also be ready to tackle the PMP exam as well. Thanks Dr. Flores!

James Abercrombie, Project Manager, Rackspace

I found Jimmie to be very engaging in his teachings and the content he teached was very relevant to the CAPM exam I wrote.  You can tell that he has been doing this a long time and thoroughly knows the course material and the expectations of PMP on what we need to know.  The advice he gave on study and exam tips and the context he provides to the course material through the training days is extremely helpful.  I definitely recommend JMBOK for all Project Management training needs!

Lauren Huberland, Support Automation Team Manager at Rackspace

This is the 3rd class I've taken with Dr. Flores and I can only describe them as the 'Cliff Notes' for certification. The classes do a fantastic job of summarizing the key points and concepts necessary to gain a thorough understanding of the knowledge required for certification. The focus of the material and the professional delivery get to the heart of what you need to know in a clear concise manner.  Dr. Flores uses his real life anecdotal experiences to help students relate and understand the concepts being presented. After 3 successful certifications I can speak from experience. you can do it the hard way …..or you can do it the JMBOK way.

David Campa

Having been in the construction industry for many years, I thought I knew all about the project management process. Taking the Kool Derby course opened my eyes and my mind into the many facets of project management that I did not know, or did not want to know, were part of MY responsibilities as Project Manager. Dr. Flores explained the process in REAL WORLD scenarios, which help me immensely in passing the PMP exam on the first try. I fully recommend Kool Derby to anyone who is serious about passing the PMP exam, the tools provided and teaching techniques are invaluable.

Mark Loiselle, Capital Project Management at San Antonio Public Library

The PMP class with Dr. Jimmie Flores was the key reason I passed the PMP exam with a relatively short study time. He is excellent in explaining the material in the PMBOK and relating it to real-life examples that makes Project Management more meaningful. He is an expert in ensuring the critical components are communicated effectively and thus easily remembered and he provides great guidance on how to strategize when preparing for the exam. I wholly recommend Kool Derby for anyone with intentions of passing the PMP exam. In addition to the unique teaching skills, the tools and material provided on their website are invaluable.

Kwaku Obeng-Boampong, Traffic Engineer, Transportation and Capital Improvement Department, City of San Antonio

I believe that Kool Derby's PMP course is a critical foundation building block  in passing the PMP exam. The ability Dr. Flores has to convey essential concepts, provide actionable insight, and understand challenges a student will have to ultimately help answer questions prior, during, and after taking the course is what sets this class from any other. There is something to be said for having a plan and this course's tools were able to put me on a journey to success that I will for years to come. I recommend this course to anybody that wants to put themselves in a position to "win" at passing the PMP exam

Jose Gallardo, Account Executive - TX, LA, MS, AR, OK, AZ, NM, NV at Harland Technology Services

Jimmie’s class was the key for my success at passing the PMP exam.  The way he explains the material makes it easy to digest and understand the concepts.  He gives great examples that makes the subject relatable to real life situations and will help you remember when you take the exam.  I fully recommend Kool Derby to anyone who is serious about passing the PMP exam. There is no doubt  that the tools provided and teaching techniques are invaluable.

Fernando Loo, Project Manager III at Rackspace